Top 5 Apps

While the main focus at the App Lab may be casino apps, that doesn’t mean we aren’t up-to-date on the leading apps outside of this sector. We pride ourselves not only on our knowledge of casino-related news and numbers, but also the big players of the app world in general. Below we’ve listed the top 5 highest grossing apps of all time.

The app coming in at number 5 should be of no surprise —Netflix. This company has been a profits powerhouse since it put movie rental stores out of business.

The rest of the apps on this list are games, which goes to show just how lucrative online gaming is. Sitting at the number 4 spot is Game of War- Fire Age. It’s an MMO (massive multiplayer online) strategy game. The third spot belongs to Mobile Strike, which is another MMO strategy game.

Pokémon Go is the second highest grossing app, and it veers away from the format of the previous two apps. You’ve no doubt heard of this app. Not only did it bring back nostalgia for 90s kids, but it was also a wonderful incentive to go outside. All of the hype surrounding Pokémon Go helped this app rake in over $1 million daily.

Sitting at the number one spot is yet another MMO game. Clash Royale is a strategy game involving cards, clans, tournaments and leagues. The game’s addictive qualities earned it the honor of highest grossing app in addition to a slew of awards such as Best Game at the Google Play Awards and Best Multiplayer Game at the International Mobile Gaming Awards.